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March 26, 2020 Announcements

  • The Saturday Community Meal that was scheduled to be held at St. Paul’s on 3/29/2020 will prepare the meal in the form of bag lunches, and have a method for distributing them that will allow for social distancing.
  • Faith formation sessions will not be held in person for the remainder of the school year.  Watch for distance learning options.  Families can arrange to pick up their textbooks from St. Peter’s by contacting Lisa.
  • The parish office at St. Paul’s will be closed to the public.  Messages will be checked regularly by staff.  
  • Bulletins have been cut from 8 pages to 4 pages.  These will be available on Mondays at each parish site for pickup, and online for viewing.
  • First Communions will be delayed to the Fall.  
  • Confirmation may be delayed. 

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