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Mass Recording: Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday Connection

Take a picture of your green branch and share it on social media with the tag #taocatholic so we all can see!

Make sure you have your homemade palms ready! For instructions on making palms for home use, see this week’s Faith Formation post!


Online Worship Aid

Lyrics are linked, when possible. Page numbers are for Gather 3, a blue book. A hymnal can be purchased on your tablet via in-app purchase in the Hymnal app if you don’t have one at home.

Prelude (spoken)Entrance Gospel ReadingReadings
GatheringAll Glory, Laud and Honor, 2 vsG3 #498
PsalmWhy Have You Abandoned Me?
Gospel AcclamationPraise to You O Christ the Savior
Verse: You are the Son, the Lamb of God; You are the One who died upon the cross; you are eternal life and redemption. Glory to You, Lord Jesus Christ!
G3 #596
Passion InterludesJesus, Remember MeG3 #510
GiftsHymn to Christ the King, 2 vs
Mass PartsMass of Christ the Savior
Lamb of GodMissa PachemG3 #278
CommunionNow We RemainG3 #785
SendingWere You There? vs 1, 2, 5G3 #511

Spiritual Communion Prayer

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.  I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen. –St. Francis

Supplemental Materials

Weekly Content from Faith Formation with directions for making your own palms for use during the viewing of the Palm Sunday Mass.

Gospel Background and home lessons at Loyola Sunday Connection

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics — Build. Plant. Grow. is a free faith formation program for schools, parishes, and families. Engaging lesson plans pair scriptural readings with children’s literature and experiential education. Build. Plant. Grow. aims to promote the spiritual and character development of children ages 5 to 13 years. Palm Sunday Lesson

6 thoughts on “Mass Recording: Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020”

  1. Thank you Father LeRoy, Father Tom, and Deacon Chris for the beautiful Palm Sunday mass. Also thanks to the choir!!

  2. We really appreciate seeing and hearing our own pastor, deacon, lectors, and choir. Almost like being there. Great decorating job! Love having the words for the songs, as we found ourselves inspired to sing along.
    Please correct the spelling of Fr. LeRoy’s last name on the opening screen – “Scheierl”


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