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Weekly Resources: Holy Week

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Palm Sunday Connection

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Key Points

  • This week is different – materials will be available for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at least a day in advance
  • Options are presented to utilize the Mass recordings or celebrate on your own (i.e. you have little kids who need to go to bed before the release time of recordings).
  • Relevant education strikes a balance between presentation and participation. Your job this week will be to judge your family’s limits, choosing elements from the options presented.
  • Be patient with yourself, and with your kids! Participating in Holy Week from home requires different answers to old questions. Not everything will “work.” Focus on creating and environment that speaks of the love and sacrifice of Christ.
  • Announcement: our Confirmation celebration will be delayed. More information will be available soon.

Holy Thursday Resources

Want to start your preparations now? Holy Thursday Resources will be published as a post tomorrow, but are available now here.

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