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Holy Saturday Resources

We’re going to use a free resource from “Holy Week at Home,” a free PDF from the Liturgical Press to help us walk through Holy Week this year.

This resource was written so that families can celebrate home rituals even though they cannot attend Mass. There won’t be a recording for the Easter Vigil, so the Easter Vigil at home resource is not annotated. Use as written. Suggestions are given for bringing the Word alive for children/youth.

You will need the Liturgical Press’ Celebrating the Eucharist Missalette for Holy Week for today’s Home Ritual.

For Children and Families

Liturgy of the Word Resources

Young people’s attention spans invite a response of creativity from parents and leaders during this at-home Holy Week. Use Liturgy of the Word Resources to encourage engagement with the readings.

Look for the printables below, to engage children’s hands while they’re listening to readings. At our house, we set up card tables with markers, colored pencils, crayons and coloring sheets facing the screen.

The Easter Vigil includes several readings and Psalm Responses. Psalms are not included here but can be found in the Misallette.

Loyola Press Sunday Connection also has helps for walking through this liturgy with children. Check here.

Reading I: GN 1:1-2:2

Reading II: GN 22:1-18, start at 1:26 – end at 8:56

Reading III: EX 14:15-15:1

Reading IV: IS 54:5-14

Find Reading in the Misallette.

Reading V: Isaiah 55:1-11

Epistle: ROM 6:3-11

Gospel Reading: MT 28:1-10, stop at :53

Ritual at Home

Follow the ritual outlined in “Easter Vigil at Home.”


For Adults and Youth

Utilize the questions in “Easter Vigil at Home” for conversations with adults and youth. Read or summarize the section called “Continuing the Conversation.”

For Families with Children

Substitute or add these questions:

  1. Which Bible story did you like the best? Why?
  2. We started in darkness then shared our light with each other. How did that feel?
  3. What do you think it was like to be Mary or Martha on Eater morning? Do you think people would have believed that Jesus had risen from the dead? Why or why not?



Turn on your front light, or create a paper lantern to put on your door as a way to symbolize that Jesus overcomes all evil and sin. Add #taocatholic to your #HolyWeekAtHome post to be featured in the next Community Sharing video!

The Easter Story

Remember the story of Easter together by watching “The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible — The Easter Story.”

Other Resources


Coloring and Activity Sheets

Use the activity sheets and coloring pages as printables to have children color while watching/listening to the recorded liturgy.

Creation coloring sheet.

Abraham and Isaac coloring sheet.

Moses and the parting of the Red Sea coloring sheet.

Empty Tomb coloring sheet.

He’s Alive! coloring sheet.

Free from Teaching Heart Colleen Gallagher on Teachers Pay Teachers: Activity Sheets, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday

Free from Charlotte’s Clips on Teachers Pay Teachers: Holy Week & Easter Sequencing Cards

Free from The WOLFe PACK: Holy Week and Easter Coloring Pages Pack with Traceable Text

Just for fun!

Free from Project Based Learning with Ellie Madison: Lent Mini Cookbook

3-Minute Retreat: Easter Vigil

Start Your Retreat Here.

Diocese of St. Cloud Lesson

The Diocese of St. Cloud is releasing daily family lessons/rituals. Lessons here.

Online Events for Teens

The Road to Easter Learning Activity

Match the key events from Palm Sunday to Easter that children should know.

Find this activity here.

Holy Week in Handprints

A printable book that tells the story of Holy Week for children. The story is adapted from the book of Matthew, and the story is illustrated by your child and his or her handprints. Costs $8.

Find it at Catholic Icing.

Image Sharing, Symbolism and Ritual

Other ideas for image sharing, symbolism and ritual. Tag #taocatholic when you share your public images and we’ll share them with the community!

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