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Easter Sunday Resources

Children’s Liturgy of the Word Resources

Gospel Background and age-appropriate home lessons at Loyola Sunday Connection

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics —  Easter Sunday Lesson, This week’s lesson uses the Legend of the Sand Dollar by Chris Auer, Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey. If you don’t own it, there is a kindle version available.



Put a while cloth on your door as a way to symbolize that Jesus has risen. Hallelujah! Add #taocatholic to your #HolyWeekAtHome post to be featured in the next Community Sharing video!

The Easter Story

Remember the story of Easter together by watching “The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible — The Easter Story.”

Other Resources


Coloring and Activity Sheets

Use the activity sheets and coloring pages as printables to have children color while watching/listening to the recorded liturgy.

Empty Tomb coloring sheet.

He’s Alive! coloring sheet.

Free from Teaching Heart Colleen Gallagher on Teachers Pay Teachers: Activity Sheets, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday

Free from Charlotte’s Clips on Teachers Pay Teachers: Holy Week & Easter Sequencing Cards

Free from The WOLFe PACK: Holy Week and Easter Coloring Pages Pack with Traceable Text

Craft Activity: Eggshell Butterfly


Begin by coloring the butterfly’s body. Paint glue onto the wings. Sprinkle crushed eggshells over the wings to decorate. As you work, talk about the butterfly and egg as symbols of new life. If you do not have crushed eggshells available, use colored salt, tissue twists, or colorful paper scraps to decorate the butterfly wings.

3-Minute Retreat: Easter Sunday

Start Your Retreat Here.

Diocese of St. Cloud Lesson

The Diocese of St. Cloud is releasing daily family lessons/rituals. Lessons here.

Online Events for Teens

The Road to Easter Learning Activity

Match the key events from Palm Sunday to Easter that children should know.

Find this activity here.

Image Sharing, Symbolism and Ritual

Other ideas for image sharing, symbolism and ritual. Tag #taocatholic when you share your public images and we’ll share them with the community!

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