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Weekly Resources: April 28, 2020

For Adults / Youth: Cabin Fever Faith, Follow the Fisherman or Stay with the Fish!

Reflection / Discussion Questions

  1. Jesus comes to us in our everyday lives, in the middle of our passions, to call us to him. Talk/think about a way that you encountered Jesus in an ordinary activity of your life.
  2. Peter, James and John left the fish, left their passion, to follow Jesus. In doing so, they were able to apprentice with the “fisher of men” and their lives were transformed. What stops us from leaving behind our own nets and following Jesus?
  3. We can count on Jesus to provide healing for us, even when we are not aware of our own need for healing. How can we allow Jesus to move into our lives and bring healing? What do we need to do today be open to “being caught” by Jesus? How can our passions help us see God’s movement in our lives?

Parent Video

Key Points

  • April 29 was scheduled to be our last in-session faith formation night.
  • Some resources will continue to be shared for your home use.
  • Families will be returning to community participation at speeds appropriate to their situations. TAOCatholic will support you as you choose what’s best for your family.
  • If your family would have been celebrating First Communion or Confirmation in spring of 2020, please be sure to join the Remind groups to receive updates on rescheduling plans.

Family Greeting

Video Summary

  • The prayer of the Gnat!
  • We’re still in the Easter Season!
  • This Sunday we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday. Listen as I read to you from the gospel of John.
  • Our prayer is important because it helps us to know and recognize Jesus’ voice.
  • How can you tell you are listening to Jesus?
  • I know I’m listening to Jesus when I notice love and care for others in the things I hear.
  • What’s one way you can follow Jesus the Good Shepherd this week?
  • Share pictures of your painted and colored rocks from last week.

Sharing a Song

Let’s review the song we learned a couple weeks ago!

Love grows one by one / two by two / and four by four. / Love grows / round in a circle / and comes back a knockin’ /on your front door!

Family Video

How do we recognize Jesus’ voice? We learn from each other. Watch this video to learn more.

Content Review

  • Faith is not taught, it’s caught. We learn how to be faithful by watching the example of others.
  • Christianity is not just about ideas or concepts. Christianity is learned from concrete examples, learned from people in your life who demonstrate the what it means to be Christlike.
  • There’s a quality in people who are Christlike that embodies tenderness, care and love.
  • We can learn to hear Jesus’ voice by paying attention to the people who show us the qualities of Christ.
  • A Spiritual Exercise
    • Think of 1-2 people you think of as holy or close to God.
    • What was it like when they listened to you?
    • What was it like when they paid attention to you?
    • Imagine their traits on Jesus.

Discussion Questions

  • What did you think about Fr. Ian’s airport story? Does it help to think of someone else when you’re trying to figure out if something you’ve done is right or wrong?
  • What do tenderness, care and love look like in another person?
  • Who are the people you see as holy or close to God? What do you learn from them?

Family Activities

Playing a Game: Good Shepherd, May I?

Play “Mother, May I” substituting “Good Shepherd” for “Mother.”

Expect this game to devolve into giggles — that’s good! Kids may also point out how the Good Shepherd would not tell them to do things they should not do. Encourage their discovery and learning around right and wrong, reinforcing the idea that Jesus’ call is one of love.

Try adding pizzazz to your game by learning some game variations.

Praying in Color: Learn How!

Items needed: Paper, colored pens, markers, or crayons.

Consider using the Praying in Color technique while listening to recorded Masses. This way your body can help your mind stay focused on prayer throughout the Mass recording!

Online Catholic Youth Group

Project YM live allows teens to log in for games, teachings and music from top Catholic Youth speakers across the country. Sessions go live from 7-8pm on Wednesday nights. More information here.

Supplemental Materials: Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Gospel Background and home lessons at Loyola Sunday Connection

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics — Link to lesson of the week.

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