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Weekly Resources: May 12, 2020

For Adults / Youth: Speak the Language!

Reflection / Discussion Questions

  1. Jesus used our language when he lived on earth: the images of vine and branches; sheep and shepherd; plowing, sowing, reaping; of bread, wine and water; and the language of the cross all to communicate who God is. Which of these images is most helpful to you right now? Why?
  2. If God is speaking our language, are we listening? Are we spending time praying? How are we opening ourselves to hear God each day?

Learning a “Listening” Prayer Form

Visio Divina is a prayer form that engages our unconscious self and allows us to listen to God. Watch this short video about Visio Divina, then practice Visio Divina with the video itself or by using an image connecting us to this week’s gospel. [Images here: Stained glass depiction of the Holy Spirit | Holy Trinity Icon by Rublev ]

Video Summary

Visio Divnia is similar to Lectio Divina. It’s a way of praying using images or visual media. There are four steps: to see, to meditate, to pray, and to contemplate.

We get ourselves ready by sitting quietly, paying attention to what we hear, and then to ourselves. In the silence, invite the Holy Spirit to focus your attention.

  1. Visio: Look at the image. Let your eyes focus on what draws your attention.
  2. Meditate: See the image with the eyes of your heart. Let this be an encounter with the image.
  3. Pray: Let the encounter draw you into silence, and to speak with your deeper self.
  4. Contemplate: What feelings does this image evoke in you? What does it bring to mind? What is it saying to you? What conversion of mind, heart, or behavior is the Lord asking of you? What prayer does this experience lead you to pray?

Important Administrative Notes

  • Families will be returning to community participation at speeds appropriate to their situations. TAOCatholic will support you as you choose what’s best for your family.
  • Congratulations 2020 High School Graduates! Go to or look for a postcard in the mail inviting you to submit information about your graduate for video tributes on our website and social media!  Filling out the form also puts your family on the mailing list should the option of in-person celebrations become possible.  Please submit your responses by May 20 to be included. We are very proud of you! 
  • If your family would have been celebrating First Communion or Confirmation in spring of 2020, please be sure to join the Remind groups to receive updates on rescheduling plans.

Liturgy Support for Families with Children

Gospel Background and home lessons at Loyola Sunday Connection

Adult and big kid gospel-connected coloring page.

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics — Link to lesson of the week.

Visual Gospel Reading & Reflection: JN 14:15-21

Online Catholic Youth Group

Project YM live allows teens to log in for games, teachings and music from top Catholic Youth speakers across the country. Sessions go live from 7-8pm on Wednesday nights. More information here.

Home Activities

May Activities for Catholic Families download.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.
And kindle in them the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.
And you will renew the face of the earth.

by the light of the Holy Spirit
you have taught the hearts of your faithful.
In the same Spirit
help us to relish what is right
and always rejoice in your consolation.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

The English translation of the Prayer to the Holy Spirit from A Book of Prayers © 1982, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc. (ICEL). All rights reserved.

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