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Weekly Resources: May 28, 2020

For Adults / Youth: No Pain, No Gain!

Reflection / Discussion Questions

  1. Healing from a medical procedure can be painful and difficult, but often results in a greater quality of life. Our faith life can be similar, where we follow the path of virtue for a greater good than what we experience in the present moment. When have you accepted momentary suffering for a greater good?
  2. Engaging the pandemic in a Catholic way can feel challenging. How have you chosen love in your responses with people who have opinions that do not match your own?
  3. Church buildings will be opened at 25% capacity for Sunday Masses at St. Peter’s and Paul’s starting May 30-31. Dispensations will continue. Please use the safety guidelines from your doctor alongside information about the measures the parish is taking to discern the safety of your participation in public Masses. Recorded Masses will continue to be available.

Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

Message from Bishop Kettler

Graduate Prayer

O God, protector of all who hope in you, send your Holy Spirit down upon the graduating class of 2020, that, filled with your grace, they may know of your love and kindness during these uncertain times. May your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, continue to journey with them, giving them peace and joy in a time of chaos and sadness. Grant that, through your loving embrace, our graduates will be filled with the desire to serve you and bring the Gospel to life by their lives. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Together As One Graduate Tribute

Liturgy Support

Gospel Background and home lessons at Loyola Sunday Connection

Gospel-connected Visio Divina Images (learn about visio divina here)
[Pentecost Icon | Pentecost Stained Glass]

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics — Link to lesson of the week.

Visual Gospel Reading & Reflection: John 20:19-23

Online Catholic Youth Group

Project YM live allows teens to log in for games, teachings and music from top Catholic Youth speakers across the country. Sessions go live from 7-8pm on Wednesday nights. More information here.

Home Activities

June Activities for Catholic Families download.

Prayer During A Health Crisis

Compassionate and Loving Father,
In the face of confusion and concern
impart to us the calm of your presence.
In You allow us to find hope and healing.
Be with those who serve the sick and give them Your caring hands.
Be with those who lead and give them Your Spirit of wisdom.
Be with those who have fallen ill and give them Your comforting heart.
Wrap your arms around our world
and hold us in your love.
Allow us at this time of trial to then
serve as instruments of that love to all we meet.
We ask this in Your Name.


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