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Weekly Resources: June 19, 2020

Cabin Fever Faith: Looking Out From Higher Ground!

Questions for Reflection or Discussion

  1. Where is your “higher ground”? What helps you take a step back and take a new look on a situation?
  2. We each see the world from our point of view, with our own life experiences guiding us. How can we allow our desire for unity guide our love for neighbor?
  3. How can we put our energy into helping each other and building up families in our communities? What’s one action you can take?

Blessing of Fathers

God and Father of all creation,
we come before you today with humble hearts.
You are our model of a loving father.
When we fail and fall short of your expectations,
you are always there at the end of the day with open arms,
ready to heal the cuts and scrapes of the day
and to encourage us to try again and not to give up.
We hold up these men in our midst who act in the world
as fathers to their children or models of fathers for others.
Bless them in their moments of doubt and frustration with their children.
Give them warm and open hearts to forgive failures.
Provide them with the words needed for encouragement and perseverance.
We ask all this in the name of Jesus.


Liturgy Support

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Visual Gospel Reading & Reflection: MT 10:26-30

Online Catholic Youth Group

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Home Activities

June Activities for Catholic Families download.

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