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Weekly Resources: June 27, 2020

Cabin Fever Faith: The Prayer Line

Questions for Reflection or Discussion

  1. When you’re fishing, you’re watching the line for the slightest movement or tug. How is prayer like casting out a line to God?
  2. How can we pay attention to the “line” to hear God speaking to us?
  3. How can we receive the answers God sends us in prayer, even if they’re not the answers we want?

Liturgy Support

Gospel Background and home lessons at Loyola Sunday Connection

Gospel-connected Visio Divina Images (learn about visio divina here)
[Matthew 10:42| I can’t breathe image]

Adult and big kid gospel-connected coloring page

Growing with the Gospel worksheet grades K & 1 Download

Growing with the Gospel worksheet grades 2 & 3 Download

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics — Link to lesson of the week.

Visual Gospel Reading & Reflection: MT 10:37-42

Online Catholic Youth Group

Project YM live allows teens to log in for games, teachings and music from top Catholic Youth speakers across the country. Sessions go live on Wednesday and Sunday nights. More information here.

Home Activities

July Activities for Catholic Families download.

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