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Holiday Mass Schedule

We invite you to celebrate these Masses with us at our ACC parishes for these Holy Days of Obligation.

Christmas Eve December 24

St. Peter 4:30​ PM; will be recorded*
St. Joseph 4:00 PM
St. Joseph 12:00 AM Midnight Latin Mass
St. Michael 4:00 PM; will be recorded*
St. Michael 6:30 PM ​​
St. Paul 5:30 PM; will be live-streamed
St. Paul 10:00 PM

Christmas Day December 25

St. Peter 8:00​ AM
St. Peter 10:00​ AM
St. Joseph 8:00 AM; will be live-streamed
St. Joseph 9:30 AM Spanish Mass
St. Joseph 12:00 PM Noon Latin Mass
St. Michael 8:30 AM; will be recorded*
St. Michael 10:30 AM ​​
St. Paul 9:00 AM

Mother of God (Eve) December 31

St. Joseph 6:00 PM Spanish Mass
St. Michael 6:00 PM ​
St. Paul 5:30 PM

Mother of God (Eve) January 1, 2021

St. Joseph 9:00 AM
St. Joseph ACC Mass 6:00 PM

*Recorded Masses will be posted on our YouTube channel and at some hours after the services end.

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