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Week of December 25, 2022

A Note From Fr. LeRoy

On behalf of Fr. Timothy Gapinski, Fr. Oswaldo Roche, and myself (Fr. LeRoy Scheierl) I would like to wish all of you in our Together As One Area Catholic Community and those visitors who simply stopped by to visit us a, “Very Merry and Blessed Christmas!” My hope is that you were able to gather with family and friends to enjoy a great meal and to renew bonds among your loved ones. Christmas Season is such an important time of giving and receiving in celebration of our Lord.

We as pastors (and parochial vicar) are fortunate to have you with us as parish members as well. We thank you for your faithfulness, your spiritual, your moral and your financial support. We thank you also, for participating in our Christmas liturgies in this special time of year. It’s great to see so many people here to celebrate the birth of our Christ! Christmas is such a meaningful time of year as we recall the “Prince of peace” who has come not only to bring joy and hope and healing to the broken hearted, but also salvation to all.

I want to take this time also, to extend our sincere thanks to all who helped make our Holiday celebrations possible in all four of our ACC parishes which includes: our deacons, choirs, liturgists, musicians, liturgical ministers and volunteer decorators who made our services so meaningful and beautiful. It takes everyone working together to truly rejoice in our faith in the Lord! A special thanks also to those of you who donated so generously toward our Christmas Collections! Your kindness and willingness to share and contribute financially truly demonstrates Christ’s Spirit of giving this season and will be remembered. We depend on these funds to keep our parishes vibrant. If you have not yet contributed, it’s never too late to help us.

Finally, as priests we often get a sample of those homemade Christmas goodies or receive an abundance of Christmas Cards or small gifts, or other well-wishes this Holiday Season. Your kindness truly warms the heart! And, since we often do not have the time to respond and send a Christmas Card in return to everyone, on behalf of Fr. Timothy, Fr. Oswaldo and myself I say, “Thank you!” Thank you for your witness to Christ! “May the peace and hope and joy of this Christmas Season be with each and every one of us!”

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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