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Week of February 26, 2023

A Note From Fr. LeRoy

    We have now embarked on the great Season we call, Lent.  In this journey, we spend 40 days in the desert with Jesus in order to have our spirits cleansed, our hearts renewed, and our resolve strengthened in order to resist sin. This past week I was sent a message that just might enable us to have a more healthy and vibrant Lent.   It’s entitled : “Not All Medicines are in Pharmacies.”  Here it is with a few adaptations by myself.

    Not All Medicines are in Pharmacies:    1) Exercise is medicine. 2) Fasting is medicine. 3) Natural food is medicine. 4) Laughter is medicine. 5) Vegetables and fruits are medicine. 6) Sunlight is medicine. 7) Sleep is medicine. 8) Loving others is medicine. 9)  Loving yourself is medicine. 10) Gratitude is medicine. 11) Reconciliation is medicine. 12) Meditation is medicine. 13) Reading the Word of God is medicine. 14) Eating in moderation is medicine.  15) Positive thinking is medicine. 16) Trusting in God is medicine. 17) Good friends are medicine.” 18) Forgiving yourself is medicine. 19) Drinking plenty of water is medicine.  20) A peaceful spirit is medicine.    21) Receiving the Eucharist is medicine.   Take enough of these medications each day and you will not have to visit the pharmacy as often!

    Now, I am not advocating you should quit the medications you might depend on from your doctor or local pharmacist.  Afterall, we can be thankful that we have the doctors and pharmacists who have the wisdom and knowledge on how best to treat us!  This said however, striving to have a healthy mind, body and spirit is certainly a huge part of our Christian life and overall health.  So, what may be lacking in any of these 21 areas above for yourself?  It might be worth checking out in order to become a better disciple in Christ.  There may be other things you could add to this list for Lent.

    Speaking of other areas to look at, I would like to invite and remind everyone of a few programs and opportunities that our ACC is also putting on to make this a holy season.  Our “Gather Us In” program is sponsoring a group showing of season three of “The Chosen,” which portrays the life of Christ.  This gathering begins with a shared meal at St. Peter’s on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm. followed by the movie and discussion.  You might also consider sitting in on a “Wine, Wit and Wisdom” gathering at various times hosted by Fr. Timothy at St. Michael’s as well.  Finally, we are also offering a program called: “The Best Lent Ever” which is a series of daily inspirational moments that you can receive on your cell phone or computer that we hope will help bring Christ in a bigger way into your life.  Simply go to our “Together As One” ACC Website i.e.  Click on Flocknotes and then sign up for The Best Lent Ever” group to receive these inspirational messages.  Of course, there are many other things one could do, even attending our ACC Parish Fish Fries held at St. Joseph and St. Paul in the coming weeks!  The important thing is that we all do something to connect more deeply in our relationship with God and others in Christ.  May our Lenten journey be truly  meaningful for us!  Peace,                                   

 Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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