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A letter from your President


Welcome to our St Paul’s Chistian Women’s website. This is one of several sources of information about our activities and events. Information can be found here on our website and in the following places 

• Facebook: 

• Sunday Bulletins: Bulletins – Together As One Catholic Area Catholic Communities ( 

• Flocknotes Together As One Area Catholic Community // Flocknote 

Our organization has been actively serving our parish for many decades. If you are already involved, thank you for sharing your time and talents for the good of our parish and community. Our work gives us the opportunity to get to know one another better as we serve our Lord and our neighbors.

For those who are not yet involved, I invite you to complete the Contact Us form ( link included in this paragraph) to let us know your interest in becoming involved or to share any questions you have about this group or the activities of St Paul’s Christian Women ( You can access the sources listed above to see the many ways that we are active and to learn of ways that you too can be involved. I welcome your involvement and look forward to working together.

As our Christian Women’s efforts continue and we work together, we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we will continue to serve in ways that benefit our community and strengthen our faith.


Peace and Blessings,

Trude Sowada

President, St. Paul’s Christian Women

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