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Week of October 15, 2023

A Note From Fr. Jeremy


Brothers and Sisters,

This phrase “Catholic out loud” has been something I have used for years.  There are two meanings for this phrase.  Firstly, it is imperative to be Catholic ourselves – to not shy away from living the Holy Faith at home, school, work, public, and private.  It is important that we demand the very fullest Catholic out of ourselves.  Secondly, it is insisting that we be Catholics for others as well.  At the end of the beatitudes, Christ tells us that the light of our faith is not to be hidden but to be placed where all can see it so that others will come to faith in Christ as well (cf. Matthew 5:14-16)

I hope that this term “Catholic out loud” can replace every sense of “it’s not my place.”  Not only myself, but nearly all priests and deacons constantly hear people complaining about friends, family, and neighbors who are not practicing the faith.  Very often, when I ask such a person to speak to their family members, neighbors, and friends about turning away from sin, coming to Mass, and praying, the response most often is something similar to “it’s not my place to say.” 

Here’s the thing:  in Divine Providence, Christ has put you in the lives of your family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and colleagues.  Christ is counting on you to show others how to be a great Christian – show everyone in your life what a great Christian would do.  This is not only from Christ’s own words in Mathew 5:16, but look also to the epistles in the Bible.  Saint James, for example, tells us that if we are not willing to offer works from our faith in Christ, then our faith in Christ is dead (cf. James 2:17). 

Please be sure to pray for the courage and the wisdom to show everyone in your life what a great Christian would do and would not do.  I certainly understand that it takes some courage and bravery to speak to friends and family about the Holy Faith – especially when we are asking them to step up their practice of the faith.  I recommend that we ask for the intercession of the apostles as we follow in their example of telling the whole world about Jesus Christ. 

God be near,

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