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Holy Days Mass Schedule

All Saints Day

Tuesday, 31 October (vigil)                 Wednesday, 01 November

-5:30pm Saint Joseph – English              -7am Saint Joseph – Extraordinary Form

-6:30pm Saint Paul                                  -8am Saint Michael

                                                                -8:15am Saint Paul – with Catholic school

                                                                 -6:30pm Saint Joseph – Spanish

                                                                -6:30pm Saint Peter – with Faith Formation

All  Souls Day

Thursday 02 November

-8am Saint Joseph  – English

-8:15am Saint Peter

-5pm Saint Joseph  – Spanish

-6:30pm Saint Paul

-7pm Saint Michael

Immaculate    Conception

Thursday,  07 December (vigil)      Friday, 08 December

-5:30pm Saint Joseph  – Spanish              -7am Saint Joseph – Extraordinary Form

-7pm St. Peter                                           -8:15am Saint Paul

                                                                  -8:30am Saint Joseph – English

                                                                  -5:30pm Saint Michael

                                                                  -6pm Saint Paul

Fourth      Sunday of Advent

Saturday, 23 December

4:30pm  Saint Paul (vigil)

                                                                             Sunday, 24 December

                                                                    -8:15am  Saint Peter

Nativity of the    Lord

Sunday, 24 December   (vigil)                                 Monday, 25  December

-4pm Saint Peter                                         -12am Saint Joseph – Extraordinary Form

– 5pm Saint Michel                                       -8am -Saint Joseph– English  –

-5pm Saint Joseph  – English                       -9am Saint Paul

-10pm Saint Paul                                          -9:30am Saint Michael

                                                                    -10:30am  Saint Peter

                                                                    -11am Saint Joseph – Spanish

Mary  Mother  of God

Solemnity  Mass Monday,  01 January

-8am Saint Michael

-9am Saint Paul

-10:30am Saint Peter

-5:30pm Saint Joseph  – English

-7pm Saint Joseph  – Extraordinary Form

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