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2023 for Pete’s Sake Raffle Winners

# 2023 Prize                                                         2023 Winner 1 $500.00 Cash – Anonymous                              Jane Wiechmann 2 $500.00 Cash – Anonymous                              Deb Durken 3 $500.00 Cash – Anonymous                              Mary Lou Frericks 4 $500.00 Cash – Anonymous                              Roger Lashinski 5 Necklace ($300) — DJ Bitzen                           Janelle Honer 6 $250.00 … Read more

New Website Helps

Our new Together As One website is live! Here are some videos walking you through our sites and answering questions you may have about our Together As One web presence. This first video explains why our domain names ( and show different things. Take a look! This next video walks you through the content … Read more

Safety Guidelines for Public Masses

We have prepared the church spaces, and we depend on your cooperation to help our parishes reduce the spread of the covid-19 virus. Please follow directions. Important safety directions will be shared verbally, on handouts, or on the screen. Sing in Your Heart. Congregational singing has been shown to significantly increase risk of infection. Please … Read more

Public Masses for Pentecost

Our parish staff are busy putting a safety plan together and we’re excited to announce that St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s will be open for public Masses next weekend, May 30 – 31. Important Instructions for our community will be posted later this week. We will need to work together to protect the most vulnerable … Read more

Churches Open for Adoration

After the latest release of Bishop Kettler’s letter regarding the opening up churches more for Adoration and Prayer and after speaking with our liturgists, Paula, Joyce and Laurie, we have settled on these times for Eucharistic Adoration and Prayer for the Churches of St. Peter and St. Paul: For St. Peter the Door #7 will … Read more

First Communion 2020

24 April 2020 Dear Community Members and Families of the First Communion Class of 2020, Fr. LeRoy, Fr. Timothy, and I have made the hard decision to postpone First Eucharist Celebrations to the fall. Our plan of waiting until fall allows us time to gather more information about how this pandemic will continue to change … Read more