Class of 2020-2021

Confirmation Orientations happened last June, and Confirmation Discipleship Training Sessions have started.

Confirmation Materials

Please read through the Confirmation Handbook before your orientation session. Items in the handbook will be referenced during the orientation, and should be familiar to meeting participants before the session.

Need to Finish Registering or Submitting Your Information?

  • Register for Confirmation using our online form. Parent and candidate will need to be present to “sign” the participation agreement at the beginning.
  • Statements will be sent out to collect the $70 Confirmation Preparation fee, or you can send a check now, made out to your parish, and sent to Lisa Neu at St. Paul’s Church, 1125 11th Ave N, St. Cloud, MN 56303.
  • Fill out our online Information Sheet. If you have most of this information, but not all, fill out the form with the information that you have. Information requested on the form includes:
    • Name, email and phone number of preferred Confirmation Sponsor. Remember, sponsors need to be 21, Catholic, and Confirmed.
    • Name of the city and state where candidate was baptized.
    • A scan or image of the Candidate’s baptismal certificate to upload.
    • Parent’s full names
    • Candidate’s preferred Confirmation Name
  • Start work on Confirmation Preparation
    • Join our Confirmation Google Classroom (code in handbook)
    • Complete your Journal with your Mentor. Utilize electronic means to communicate if needed.
    • Complete Liturgy Training Sheets if you prefer these to attending the Teaching Mass on December 6th.
    • Complete Service Hours, you need 10 in the parish and 10 outside the parish. Yes, you can get creative, given the restrictions of managing social engagement due to covid-19.

Class of 2019-2020

Our Confirmation celebration is scheduled for 7:00 pm December 9, 2020 at St. Paul’s Church. Space will be limited. More information will be forthcoming soon.

We will communicate with you via email or remind when we have Confirmation updates.

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