Confirmation Interviews

A Confirmation Interview is required for all of our candidates.  These are scheduled for April 7, 8 or 21 of 2022.  Interviews take about 25 minutes each, and will be held at St. Peter’s, enter door 3 and come to room 109 to check-in.

St. Peter & Paul’s students, sign up here:

St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s students, sign up here:

Interviews have more than one function.  Most importantly, they serve as a way for the parish to connect with you and show you our support as you progress toward Confirmation.  Also, they are a touch-point where you can turn in completed work.  Interviews will consist of a conversation about your faith journey and your life within the community.  Your interviewer may ask you to demonstrate faith knowledge illustrating your readiness to receive the Sacrament. 


Joseph Arseneau
Director of Faith Formation
Together As One Catholic Community
320-251-4831, x212

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