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Adult Faith Formation

The opportunities for Adults to grow in their faith are meant to meet you where you are in your faith journey.  If you are just curious about the faith and want to learn more, or if you are open to learning more about the Catholic church – and welcome you to join all the available activities whether you were raised Catholic, or are still considering joining the Church.

We also have opportunities for those seeking something more, something we call intentional discipleship.  Many of our activities cross over these different categories, allowing you to ask questions, learn and grow, providing a safe place where you can encounter Christ in the Word and in each other.  Here are some of the opportunities that you will see offered throughout the year within our community:

  • Movies – we will play movies about saints or about the life of Christ, and then offer discussion that you can listen to or engage in to learn and grow.
  • Book/Bible Studies – we will choose a book or book of the Bible to read & study in a small or large group and you can participate to learn more about the faith if the topic/book interests you.
  • Wit/Wine/Wisdom – these gatherings are held in a parishioner’s home and usually surround a specific topic.  A priest will be present to help answer questions and guide the conversation.

Are you signed up for Flocknote?  

This is another way to get communication about different things happening at our parish, and a good way to just informally dip your toe into something to see if you may want to get involved.  Check out our Flocknote page to sign-up and then you will be plugged into our communication so you can just hear about what is happening at each of our parishes before you decide where you want to get involved.