2019-2020 Class Information

  • 24 April letter explaining our plans for First Communion 2020.
  • 28 August letter with information about our rescheduled First Communion date and practice times.

First Reconciliation

Children need to attend their First Reconciliation before they receive their First Communion. Due to our stay at home order, children who have not yet celebrated First Reconciliation will need to either:

  1. Wait until our stay at home order is lifted, and attend reconciliation at one of the parish’s regularly scheduled reconciliation times; or
  2. Make an appointment with one of our pastors for an individual appointment.

Contact Lisa for help making arrangements, if needed.

First Eucharist Materials

Note: these were the original documents handed out. Dates are now inaccurate due to the pandemic.

First Communion Banner Instructions

Optional Bread Making Home Activity

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