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First Communion Banner Instructions

You and your Child will be preparing a banner for the celebration of First Eucharist.


    1. A large piece of burlap or other sturdy material. A store-bought place-mat is about the right size. Size of finished banner should be: Width: 12″ by Length: 24″ (the top should be 12’’)
    2. Small squares of colored felt, art foam, scrap book stickers or letters, and/or other pieces of
      scrap material may be used for contrast.
    3. Scissors, felt-tipped pens, paints, glue, wooden dowel,
      string/yarn, photographs, pictures from books, etc.

Making a First Eucharist Banner is an excellent opportunity to work with your child on a project they will treasure as a reminder of their First Eucharist. This is a personal statement, so be as original as you like. First Communion banner making kits can be purchased through craft stores if you wish. Make sure you put your child’s name somewhere on the banner, either prominently on the front, or on a piece of tape on the back.


  1. Iron or straighten the piece of burlap or whatever material you have chosen. Make a hem at the top of the banner (12” width) with a dowel running through the hem. Use your piece of string/yarn and attach it to each end of the dowel. Allow a few inches of slack in the string/yarn so we can hang the banner on the pew which will be reserved for your family.
  2. Decide on a theme for your banner. What do you want it to say? Will you have your name on it? What symbols or pictures do you want on it? What color, or colors would you like the lettering to be? What color will the symbols be? Are there any pictures or designs you would like painted on? Glued on?
  3. Next, sketch your banner design on a piece of paper. Be sure the sketch is just how you want it before you do any cutting, gluing or painting.
  4. Now begin tracing letters and symbols on the pieces of felt and or scrap materials. Since you will be cutting these, they should be extra thick. Letters are difficult to cut evenly, especially for the children who may be helping.
  5. Before you put glue on the letters, be sure to experiment with them. Move them around, making certain they are just where you want them to be. When you are sure about the position, glue them on. Also, experiment with your symbols and pictures before attaching.

Banners will be hung on your family’s reserved pew during the First Eucharist Mass.