First Communion

Parent Instruction Video

Preparation Requirements:

  1. Submit Baptismal Certificate if not baptized at St. Peter’s, St. Paul’s, St. Michael’s, or St. Joseph’s. Fill out Information Sheet:
  2. Regular participation at Sunday Mass.
  3. Participation in Faith Formation or All Saints Academy classes.
  4. Complete Home Study materials. Schedule and videos here.
  5. Optional Home activity: Baking Unleavened Bread, Recipe and Instructions here.
  6. Creation of First Eucharist Banner, due to Lisa by April 21.  Instructions here.

Your Choice – Liturgy Location and Time

Each family is invited to choose the First Eucharist Liturgy of the five below that will work for them. Please sign up using the button below. We expect masking and covid safety guidelines to be in place for liturgies.

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First Eucharist Liturgy Rehearsals                        

9:15-10 a           April 24               St. Michael’s
10:15-11:00 a   April 24               St. Joseph’s Spanish/English at St. Joseph’s
9-10 a                May 1                 St. Paul’s
8:15-9:00 a       April 24              St. Peter’s

First Eucharist Celebrations                                            

4:30 pm             April 24             St. Michael’s
7:30 am              April 25             St. Joseph’s English
10:30 am            April 25             St. Peter’s
9:00 am              May 2                 St. Paul’s
11:00 am            May 2                 St. Joseph’s Spanish

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