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First Communion

Preparation Requirements:

  1. Submit Baptismal Certificate if not baptized at St. Peter’s, St. Paul’s, St. Michael’s, or St. Joseph’s. 
  2. We need this form Sacrament information sheet filled out by all families: FORM LINK
  3. Regular participation at Sunday Mass.
  4. Participation in Faith Formation or All Saints Academy classes.
  5. Participate in the Parent/Child Reconciliation Learning Retreat (Make-up materials available if you miss due to illness/unavoidable absence)
  6. Parent/Child Reconciliation Learning Stations (If you cannot make the day the learning stations are scheduled, call the Faith Formation office to arrange a make-up time to stop by while the stations are set-up)
  7. Creation of First Eucharist Banner, due to by April 21, 2023.  Instructions here.

First Eucharist Liturgy Rehearsals


First Eucharist Celebrations

4:30pm at St. Michael’s April 29, 2023  

7:30am at St. Joseph’s April 30, 2023

10:30am at St. Peter’s April 30, 2023

9:00am at St. Paul’s May 7, 2023

11:30am St. Joseph’s Spanish May 7, 2023