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Flocknote is a tool to help us reach you at a moment’s notice, resulting a more connected church. You have enough work on your plate and plenty of information to plow through, that is why we keep our texts and emails quick and simple. We are also able to embed videos and attach files so they are just a click away. 

OK...I signed up. Now what? The next question is: Are you getting all of our communications?

Here are some tips to make sure you are at least getting the ones you WANT!
1. Download the Flocknotes APP – Did you know you can download an app on your phone that makes it even easier to use Flocknote?  Just go your app store, search for Flocknote and look for the sheep mascot to download Flocknote for even easier navigation.
2. To Login to or to update your preferences – If you are just receiving the texts/emails for TogetherAsOneACC- there is so much more to know – I encourage you to Login to Flocknote NOW to update your preferences: 
        a. If you are on a computer go to:  
       b. If you are on a phone: download or open the app 
       c. Login using a code or your username/password if you set one up.  Once you are logged in, you will see different groups you can join. Sign-up for as many or few as you want to! 
What kinds of groups are we talking about?  Some examples are: Food gatherings, Prayer ministry, Family Friendly Gatherings, Adult Formation/Gatherings.  You decide what you want to know about!
One group – WISDOM OF THE SAINTS – get a few doses of inspiration from some of our favorite saints every week – simply some short quotes to ponder, and then once a week you will get a video about a saint to dive a little deeper.

If you want to receive our weekly recorded masses, be sure to sign-up for RECORDED MASSES. 

If you want to receive information about our special groups: St Paul Christian Women or Art & Soul – be sure to sign-up for those groups as well!

We are trying to avoid communication overload so we are splitting up the communication into all these different groups, but we don’t want you to miss information because you aren’t signed up!  
3. Giving just got a whole lot easier too – if you would like to donate online – we have a simple new system that you can access through Flocknote.  Once you sign-up, you will be able to sign-up for one-time giving, recurring gifts; it is super flexible.  There will be more about this soon.
If you need help or have questions, you can also respond to any message in FLOCKNOTE and it will go just to the ADMIN who can answer you privately.