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Reconciliation Home Study

The purpose of this study with your child is to help them experience what it means to know right from wrong, to be sorry, and to make up or reconcile.  They should come to understand everyone’s need to both ask forgiveness and to give forgiveness.  We hope to assist you in preparing your child to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation with reverence, understanding, and hope.

Dates are a guide indicating activities to focus on each week.

Packets were handed out at the Parent Meeting or through School or Faith Formation. Contact Lisa for a replacement.

October 6 & 7

  • Take some time this week to review the parent handouts you received.

October 21      

  • Lesson 1: Right from Wrong
  • Start working on memorization of the Act of Contrition.

October 28    

  • Lesson 2: What does it mean to be Sorry?    

Saturday, November 7: Online First Reconciliation Retreat           

  • Videos and interactive activities will go live for you to peruse with your child.                   

November 11

  • Lesson 3: Getting our Hearts Ready

November 18: Learning Stations

  • Parent and child “visit” online Learning Stations.  Students will recite the Act of Contrition from memory.

November 25

  • Lesson 4: Review and Get Ready!

Thursday, December 3First Reconciliation Celebration

  • Check in with Lisa in the Gathering Space of St. Michael’s at 6:20 pm, Our Reconciliation Celebration will begin at 6:30 pm.  Bring your completed quilt, with your name and parish written on the back!