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St. Michaels Church

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St. Michael

St. Michael’s is a Roman Catholic parish of located in the area of St. Cloud, MN.

Mass Schedule


Saturday    4:30pm 
Sunday       5:00pm (ACC Mass)

Monday      8:00am 
Tuesday      8:00am
Wednesday 8:00am 


Saturday 3:30pm

Office Hours

Mon to Thur 8:30am to 3:00pm

St. Michael’s Calendar

We need your help...

We would love to add pictures to our website – if you have any pictures of events, baptisms, First Communions, weddings, etc that have happened at St. Michael’s at ANY point in our history – we want to to see them.  Please email them to with a description: who is in the picture, the year, the event/what is happening.  

If you have stories that we could include from when St Michael’s first opened, the first decade, any of the firsts…we also would LOVE to add these to this page.  Please email these to with the story, the year, the event, etc.  

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