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St. Peters Church

St Peter

St. Peter’s is a Roman Catholic parish of approximately 900 families located in the Pantown area of St. Cloud, MN.

Mass Schedule


Sunday 10:30am
Tuesday 8:15am                                          Tuesday 8:15am                                               Saturday 8:15am


Thursday, Saturday 7:45am

Office Hours

Mon to Thur 8:45am to 3:00pm                                (at St. Pauls)     

St. Peter’s Calendar


As Saint Cloud grew in the 1940s, the parishioners of Holy Angels Church began petitioning their pastor for a new parish in their own neighborhood, then referred to as the Pantown section of St. Cloud. Those living in the trailer camp and those without cars were most anxious to have a new parish. 

They broke ground September 23, 1947.  The wood for the altars were donated by the monks of the Abbey of St. John’s, Collegeville, MN.  They were designed by the students of Cathedral High school under the direction of Sister Norbert Ann, OSB.

The Quonset church was Blessed and Dedicated July 18, 1948.  First communion and marriage was celebrated that July as well.  A census taken showed 48 families (about 400 people) registered to the new parish. 

They began building the 8-classroom school in the fall of 1954.  It also had office space, a large mult-purpose room and a kitchen.

By the late 60s the school had more than doubled in size and the church had grown ten-fold!

The history at the School and Church of St. Peter’s is rich.  Many families have been with us for generations.  St. Peter’s celebrated 50 years in 1997. Since then, much has been added to this vibrant parish: parish festivals and formation of our youth and adults has become part of the fabric of our community.  We continue to be a vibrant parish that welcomes new families and new faces.  Come to one of our famous Sunday morning breakfasts served by the Knights of Columbus – it draws a crowds every time!  Social justice committee, choirs and Knights of Columbus are all ways to get involved in this community.

There are many ways to get involved – check-out our Get-Involved page to learn more.

Sacramental Life - First Communion 2023

Sacramental Life - Confirmation 2023

Parish Life - Events & Ministries:
Called & Gifted Retreat, Art & Soul Outdoor Concert, St Peter's Choir