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Weekly Resources: June 12, 2020

What Can Catholics Do to Overcome Racism? A video from Ascension Presents: Fr. Mark-Mary asks Fr. Pierre Toussaint about his experience of racism and division in the Church. And Fr. Mark-Mary listens. “We really are listening. We really are suffering. Real tears have been shed. We’re not PR people. We’re priests. We’re spiritual fathers and … Read more

Weekly Resources: June 2, 2020

For Adults / Youth: What Does Justice Without Restraint Look Like? Reflection / Discussion Questions Justice is concerned with what is fair, right, honorable, good. Temperance is found in restraint, self control, and responsibility. What ways do you see justice and temperance in the death of George Floyd and its aftermath in our world? What … Read more

Weekly Resources: May 19, 2020

For Adults / Youth: Where Does God Fit In? Reflection / Discussion Questions God is Love. God can do nothing but love. God does not inflict punishment upon us, but sometimes our poor choices cause consequences that are painful. Where have you experienced consequences of a decision that felt like punishment? God “allows” bad things … Read more

Weekly Resources: May 5, 2020

For Adults / Youth: Night Prayer Reflection / Discussion Questions What habits of prayer are most helpful for you? How has your personal prayer changed or grown during this stay-at-home order? What ways does prayer impact our lives and the lives of others? How can we challenge ourselves to rejuvenate our prayer right now? Resources … Read more