Viewing Instructions

Option One: Multiple Screens

Choose one screen where you will play the recording of Mass. Navigate to our parish YouTube Channel. A Link is provided at the top of each Liturgy page. Play the video from this screen. Choose the icon at the bottom right of the video window that looks like a square to put the video in full screen mode.

Choose another screen (or one per person, phones work!) where you will follow along. Open the Worship Aid page for the Mass.

Option Two: One Computer, Multiple Windows

Open up the recording of the Mass in a tab of your Internet browser. Open the Worship Aid page in a second tab.

Pull out one tab of the browser and “lock” it to one side of your screen.

Lock the other tab to the other side of your screen. Scroll along in the Worship Aid as you follow the Mass.

View a short tutorial here.


First window shows the reading, while second window shows the reader.
First window shows the lyrics while second window shows the musicians

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