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St. Pauls Church

St. Paul

St. Paul’s is a Roman Catholic parish of located in the area of St. Cloud, MN.

Mass Schedule


Sunday 9:00am 
Wednesday 8:15am 
Friday 8:15am (School Mass)


Friday 7:45am

Office Hours

Mon to Thur 8:45am to 3:00pm

St. Paul’s Calendar


St. Paul’s was appointed its first pastor in 1946 by Bishop Joseph Busch, and 100 families comprised the new parish.  In February, 1948, the new school with a basement church was completed. February 29th of that year the first mass was celebrated in the basement church, with 570 households in the new parish.

In 1961 a new church and rectory were built and dedicated.  By 1998, when the church celebrated its 50th year – the thriving church has doubled in size to 1100 households.

As St. Paul’s approaches its 75th year, our school and church family is still a warm and friendly place that welcomes new families.  Our St. Paul Christian Women Ministry is a wonderful organization that raises several thousand dollars to benefit families and those in need within our parish and the community.  The All Saints Academy school that is connected to our parish keeps our halls humming with youth that we want to keep feeding – mind, body & soul, year after year.

There are many ways to get involved – check-out our Get-Involved page to learn more.

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